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The Overtime Box Overtime Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Overtime Box?

   -The Overtime Box is an innovative, easy to use Windows based software program that manages up to five different rotating lists of overtime cards. 

I am worried about security. Does The Overtime Box store my personal information?

   -No! The Overtime Box simply stores your name and contact phone numbers. There is no need for other personal information to be entered. 

How does the rotation of cards work?

   -When an employee accepts overtime, their card automatically moves to the back of the box. If an employee declines overtime that's not attached to their workday, their card stays in place.
These conditions can be customized to suit your needs! For example, you can have all cards rotate whether employees accept or decline overtime, or only have the card rotate upon an acceptance of overtime, etc.  

*Update -> If you track overtime by hours, the employee with the lowest number of overtime hours worked is eligible first. All hours get reset on January 1, and the previous year's total is easily accessible. Employees are initially sorted alphabetically, with the tiebreaker being the senior employee.  

Who has access to move or change the cards?

   -Administrators are granted full access to edit and change the card order, if need be. Standard users are given access to fill overtime and view the cards. They do not have the ability to change anything. This helps ensure fairness, accuracy and accountability! 

What is the advantage of The Overtime Box being a desktop application versus an on-line application?

   -When you purchase The Overtime Box, you own it for life. 
There are no recurring monthly or yearly fees as you would find in an on-line based application.

Is The Overtime Box only for those in the public safety profession?

   -No! The Overtime Box can easily be adapted to function in a variety of settings, including but not limited to Fire/EMS, Hospitals, Retail Operations, etc. Send us an email using the form below to inquire about custom options. 


                        Tech Stuff
What are the computer requirements?

   -A 1.6 Ghz dual core or higher processor, 2GB ram or higher, at least 250MB free hard drive space, and a CD/DVD drive are required. A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended. 

What is the operating system requirement and which operating systems has The Overtime Box been tested on?

    -The Overtime Box requires Windows 7 or higher. It has been tested on the following operating systems:
      Windows 7 Professional, with Service Pack 1
      Windows 7 Home, with Service Pack 1
      Windows 8 Professional
      Windows 8.1 Professional   

      Windows 10 Professional  

      Windows 10 Home  

      Windows Vista and XP are NOT SUPPORTED. 

What if I have slightly different requirements for the use of The Overtime Box?
   -Custom coding is available. Send us an email at sales@theovertimebox.com and we can discuss your needs.