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The Overtime Box Overtime Software

Cop-For-Cop Solutions, LLC

Public Safety Overtime Software Done Right

​​​​​​Attention Police Chiefs, Labor Representatives, and Administrators...                    

Are you tired of handling labor disputes about overtime?

If so, then it’s about time you installed The Overtime Box!

Bottom line...The Overtime Box solves overtime problems, is cost-effective and user-friendly. 

The program manages and rotates up to five different groups of electronic overtime cards guaranteeing administrative accuracy. Not only does The Overtime Box take the hassle out of filling overtime, but the program helps eliminate time-consuming, energy wasting grievances. The program’s innovative design generates a read-only timestamp for each entry, a supervisor’s identification field, template reports, and so much more. 

The Overtime Box, created by a law enforcement professional, takes precious time out of filling overtime. 

“Whether you are in public safety, healthcare, or any other profession that needs to fill overtime, this program will work for you,” said Lt. Joseph J. Dawicki, Programmer/Owner, Cop-For-Cop Solutions, LLC. “I saw a problem when it came to filling overtime, so I came up with a comprehensive solution that is affordable and time-tested.”


“The Overtime Box has revolutionized the way we fill overtime at the Fair Lawn Police Department. This program ensures fairness, accuracy, and accountability. I don’t know how we managed for decades without it! It has eliminated all overtime labor disputes, and made our workplace much more efficient.” ~ David G. Boone, Past President & Chaplain, New Jersey Policemen's Benevolent Association Local #67. 

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